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1999 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards


TLC on The Tonight Show!

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MTV's "The Cut"

It is said that Geminis like, live, need, and thrive on variety. With all her different looks, it's not hard to tell what sign Left Eye is!


Cute Girl

Red Hair

Ay, mami!

Kung Left Eye

80's Chick

Purple Hair

Finale: DIVA

The show is not over yet! The next season is coming up on MTV, so that means more captures when they are available! Woopee!

MTV Appearances

MTV News: TLC Roars Back to the Top!

"Girls' Night Out" TV Pilot

MTV Past, Present, and Future

MTV Jams "TLC Edition"

MTV Fled Premiere

MTV Year In Rock 1995

MTV Yo! "Ladies Night"

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Sally Jesse Raphael

All That 1993

All That 1995


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