Captures of TLC

TLC on "The Tonight Show"

TLC performed "No Scrubs" live and did a great job! They also talked with Jay Leno about Chilli's allergies, T-Boz throwing up on the plane ("but I have to DO Jay"), and Left Eye described that there is also an "executive" version of a scrub and that they come in all forms. They talked to Cher about it, and she said she dated a scrub before too. You can download an exclusive video clip of the performance here.


Singing and Dancing

Group | "I'm talkin' to you"


Left Eye Singing and Rapping

"I don't want no scrub!" | "Insatiable is what I envision"


Chilli Singing

"A scrub is..." | "No no no no no"


T-Boz Singing

"Tryin' to holler at me" | Oooohhh


Chatting with TLC

Crowd loves 'em! | Left Eye describes a scrub | TLC talks to Cher about scrubs


Chat Close-ups

Left Eye | T-Boz | Chilli

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