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"Ooooooohhh...On the TLC Tip"

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T-Boz's Personal Thank You's

First of all I want to thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity and ask him to give me guidance throughout my career.

Thanks to Perri Reid (Mommy Perri) not only for being the best manager, but for being the special person that U are (a friend). A lot of this success is B-Cuz of U. I'd like to thank you for recognizing the talent within me. I love you, Perri. Thank you.

Marie Davis, U have a good heart and I'll always remember. Thank you!

Thanks Jessica and Joshlyn. U are special.

To the greatest family:
Thank you mother for being the best mother anyone could ever have. You've given me everything a person could hope for and more. I'm blessed for being so fortunate. Now I have a chance to give back what you've given me. I love you, mom and thanks for being #1. Father, you're wonderful. I love you. Grandma, you're so special. Thanks for everything. You've helped me become who I am today. Koko, love U lil' man and thanks for being the one who loves me like no brother can. T-Roy, thanks for the talks and time spent, no one could ever replace you. Velva, you've taught me things only U could teach. Thanks for being there. Wanda, I love U and respect U. I'll always look up 2 U. Ressie, what can I say? U're remarkable and I'll never forget the fun we had when I was young. Kim, Marde and Donnie, wha'sup. Deidre, U'll always be a part of my family. Believe it or not, all of U are more special to me than U will ever know for always being by my side. I love U.

T.L. Thanks for being my friend.

My group is in da house. 2. U girls are the best to be in a group with. Love U.

Wha'sup Victor, Quynton, Venus, Karen, Sandra, Jeff, Cousins, Neeco, Tae, Una, Dianne & Crew, Sebreena, Howard, Rico W., U-BOYZ, Korri and to all my homies, Dallas, KEv, Fab, HPM, Jermaine, Marley, Phillip, L.A. Face, Kayo & Daryl. Love ya & I'm out. Peace!

Left Eye's Personal Thank You's


thanx 2 him my dreams have finally come true...believe in him and he'll believe in U!


there R not many women today who can take what U've been thru and still be the lovin', carin' and understandin' mother that U R! because of it, I've adopted the quality of bein' a strong black woman like U! u've been a mother and a father 2 me and I Love U so much 4 it...Thank U!


U 2 just bein' who U R is the greatest inspiration 2 me...what is success if U can't share it with the people U care about the most? I love U both!


words can't express how thankful I am 2 U! U've been a manager, a close friend, and a mother-away-from-home 2 me...who knows I could've ended up with anyone, but God has blessed me with the best! I Love U!


auntie karen & uncle colin, aunt pamela & uncle kyle, and aunt laZana - thank U all 4 believin' in me and bein' there when I needed U the most! I Love U Guys (no flags taken still hurts but I'm a strong black woman like my mom!)


elliott thompson, anthony c. mccoy, motown, and gregory holiday - though U all hold a special spot in my heart, each one is so different! I've learned a lot through our experiences...I Love U all


U 2 are irreplaceable...TLC wouldn't be the same wiwth anyone else! wd did it's do some more now! Love, Peace & M.T.B.!


elliot ness, nick tracy, smooth windell, zo, clubhead, kirkybell, dallas, fabe, kevin, eloc, jermaine, eddie, dolemix, t-roy, gennifer perri, ramisha, avaleen, tamika, tangi, yvette, jessi, and da city blue gang - Peace up Peoples!


sue david, rhonda nichols (and little tony), linda sago and mannette roberson. U guys R never 2 B forgotten...I Miss U All!

I DEDICATE THIS ALBUM 2 MY DADDY - RONALD E. LOPES, SR. WHO PASSED AWAY IN JANUARY OF '91: wherever U were and wherever U R now, I have always and still love U! Thank U 4 my musical talents!!

Chilli's Personal Thank You's

I have to say thanks to my mom because she stood aside so that I could try and she supported everything. I love you - you're my world, Mom!

Thanks to L.A. Reid for telling Pebbles about me and Pebbles for being interested enough to give me a chance. Pebbles, I can't thank you enough. You've made a BIG difference in my life; helping me to realize and see things about myself that I could never see before. Love Ya PP.

Phyliss, thanks for being there when I needed someone the most, and T'Erica, Cindy and Prudence. I don't know what I would have done without you guys. Love Ya!

Greggory Britt, without your fussing this would never have happened - I Love Ya!

The whole LaFace family and of course the outstanding P.T. Entertainment family - Hi Jessica and Joshlyn - Love You.

TLC Would Like to Give Special Thanks to:

L.A. Reid, Face, Pebbles, DeRock and Kayo. You all are so special. It's a great experience to be so close to the ones we look up to. Lamont Boles, Bryant, Davett, Sharliss, Phyliss, Donald and the entire staff at LaFace Records. Joshlyn, Jessica, Marie and the entire staff at P.T. Entertainment and Imagery, Inc.

Clive Davis and the entire staff at Arista. Dallas Austin, thank you for the funky tracks. Jermaine Dupri, what's up, you're funky too, boy. Also, thanks for working with us before we got started in the business. Marley Marl and Derek, your funk stinks, you're in the house.

Willie Carter and Carter & Company. To Joel Katz, Marcia Sutherland, Jody Graham Dunitz. 90 MPH, you're homies too! Robin Brown, Darin P. (our favorite), Rick Sheppard (Sonny), Ian Burke, Kevin Wales, Hi "ABC"! To X-Man, Dionne, Tye-V, Marcia Brown, Mary Brown and special thanks to Debra Killings.

Lionel Martin and Classic Concepts, Michael Lavine and everyone else who has contributed to make TLC what it is. Thank U.

Thanks Transcripted by: Chris Pearce

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