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T-Boz's Personal Thank You's

I know I haven't done all the things in my life the way I should have, but I have grown with time and learned from most of my mistakes. And by God's grace, I'm still living and able 2 be here 2 make another album. I want 2 thank God for that because he is the only reason I've made it this far.

2 my mother - she kept and keeps me strong, level-headed, down-2-earth, 2 always remember my morals and how 2 keep my respect. even though it seems I wasn't listening, I really was and every bit helped.

People don't like hearing the truth but you need someone around you who is true enough to tell you. Velva, Wanda, Grandma and my family and my TRUE friends. Father I love you. What's Mag and Lil Tra. To my brother, I love you with all my heart. Sorry 4 the times I yelled, but you take things out on the ones you love the most.

2 all that sat down and took the time out 2 give me advice and those special talks about my future; it really helped a lot and meant so much, thank you. Plus the inside push from the peeps that work at LaFace; thanks.

Special thanks 2 Jessica 4 being there for me. Your talks helped me 2 remain strong. Palala who was there through thick and thin, mad and sad; thanks.

Marty and Deidra; I still love you. D.E.D. 4 the x's we shared when you were there.

Last, 2 all who pretend they're down for me, and aren't.....Yeah! (think I don't know!) Much love to Bré and my Godson Donte. Finally, L.A. Reid, I got your back and thanks for having mine!

Special shouts out 2 Monica and Lil' Malik. I wish you well in your careers. Dallas and crew, Rico and crew, Jermaine and crew, Face and Tracey, L.A. and Perri, Janet and Rene, Scott, Deneise, Sharliss, Bille, Davett, Lisa C., Marie, Nandi and Hiriam. And last but not least, to my Wenches, love; Big Sista and them 2 Heffa's in my group and to that little nigga man, Gyi, and that fly huzzie Apatch-E. Thanx 2 all fans. Yeah!

Chilli's Personal Thank You's

First of all, I would like to thank my husband, my best friend, my everything, my Number One man...God (do you all know him? If not, meet him; he's the jam). My beautiful mother and my big mommy for all the great support and wisdom. My two Godsisters; Marie and Kellie. Thank you for all the late night talks. My best friends, Cindy, Yvette, Terica and Prudence...Thank you for always being there and never leaving. Thank you Deneise for helping me find my dad, Abdul Tahil Ali, because I know that we're going to find him. I love you. A special thanks to Jessica for being the true mother of TLC. I'd like to thank Kenny "Babyface" Edmondds and Tracey Edmonds for being so nice and so genuine, I love you. I'd like to thank everyone that helped on the TLC project. I know it has not been easy but it will be a victory. Thank you L.A. Reid. Love ya! If it were not for you, I probably would not be a member of TLC. I will always love you Dallan A., Kiara Bailey, Areian Hennings and Jasmine Watts. And once again, I would like to thank my Number One man, God.

I dedicate this project to the loving memory of Deah Dame of Damian Dame.

Left Eye's Personal Thank You's

All of my thanks go to this one bitch. If I were a fly, yo I'd land on her shit. Her life is my book on how to survive. So one day I asked, "What keeps you alive." She replied: "All due respect to the Prince of Peace." But things never cease thanks to my girl Deneise. And then I got Tangi who keeps it all real. My Moms who respects whom I choose, how I feel.

My sis who don't mix wit the rest of them hoes. Uncle Kyle's funky clothes and Aunt Pam always knows. My big little brother who's down if we roll. And Nandi who keeps me in touch with my soul. Darrel C. wit much clout, Marsha S. wit no doubt. L.A. Reid that's the man who keeps bailing me out. The Jen-a-si-(qua) hell and Chelle well fit in. My dogs wit them tracks comin' straight from bullpen. My nigga...I figga, I keep to myself. Till death do us part...not somebody else.

She fell in a daze til finally she says, "And u 4 believin' in Lisa Lopes."

Group Thank You's

Special thanks to: Jessica Harmon and Deneise Howard, Hiriam Hicks. Security: James Clark, Chip and Dale. Hair: Marie Davis and Carla Harrison. Make-up: Gwynnis Mosby. Business manager: Parks, Palmer, Turner, et al. Our agent: Carla Lewis, The William Morris Agency. Attorneys: Joel Katz and Jess Rosen. The Wench Mob: Tae Tae, Paulie, and J.B., Inga "Nandi" Willis. The Le Montrose Hotel and staff, Sheila Harrell, Left Eye Management and Left Eye Productions, Dr. Joseph Sugarman, Dr. Herbert Jones, Dr. Isaac Willis, Kyle Hassan-Young. Vocal Coach: Ron Anderson and family and our Producers: Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Organized Noize, Puffy, Arnold Hennings, Tim and Bob, Jonathon B. and Jonathan Robinson.

Thanks to the LaFace Family: L.A. Reid, Babyface, Scott, Sharliss, Bryant, Daria, Davett, Bille, Lisa, Cliff, Kenyatta, Sheri, Shanti, Michael, Fred, Tommy, Kathy, Tamara, Dana, Shiree, Tashion, Renee, Sandra, Chelsea, Michelle, Lilani, Sharon, Lorraine, Regina, Christopher and Tracey.

Thanks to Clive Davis, Roy Lott, and the entire Arista staff.

To Arista International: Thank you and hope to see you guys real soon.

Thanks to our BMG family.

And as always, thanks to all our fans who'll forever be CrazySexyCool!

Thanks Transcripted by: Chris Pearce

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