Personal Credits/Legal Rights

Credits and Legal Rights

Last updated: 07/22/97

Pictures marked with KRAEMER are copyright 1995-1997 by Greg Kraemer from his homepage: Kraemer's TLC Page. Thanks Greg for the pics!

Other pictures are displayed are courtesy of Vibe Magazine, MTV Networks, and People Magazine. All are copyright of their respective proprietary rights.

Photo Scans of certain pictures are used with permission from Alli's TLC Page. Thanx Alli! You're tha best all the way, muchos gracias for your help!

Also, CrazySexyCool lyrics, TLC Past Present and Future, and TLC MTV Video Music Awards Performance transcripts are displayed here with the hereby consent and permission from Chris Pearce (All Rights Reserved). They were originally displayed on Chris's TLC Page, but due to unavailable time to update his page, he passed it one for use to others. Thanks Chris!

As stated, video clips are courtesy of MTV, VH1, The BEAT UK, Arista Records, Sony Music, and the BIZMAG and FLED websites. They are available for download not to infringe on the respective company's copyrights but to inform and entertain TLC fans with their videos.

Everything else, HTML, sound clips, and scans, video clips, and captures marked with "RICH-G" are (C)opyright 1997 by Richard-Gil Herrera and may be used freely for personal use, but may not be used in any electronic form, for example on another webpage, without consent of the webmaster. Same goes for any other material from Kraemer's, Alli's, and Chris's TLC Page.

In other words, webpager's, just ask first before you use the material. :)

And thanks to all the members of the TLC Mailing List for the news and notices. Us TLC fans wouldn't know what to do without you all! (For info on the TLC Mailing List, click here.)

And I might probably not be able to thank everyone, but if I haven't mentioned you above, well thank you too. Thanks to all you who helped!

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