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May 1, 1999

TLC was on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards today! TLC presented the award for Favorite Singer, and did a funny comedy skit as well. Chilli and Left Eye had dirty laundry to wash, and T-Boz got mad and called them crazy. Then they performed "No Scrubs" with Left Eye's rap, and the kids went crazy! To view video captures, click here.

And now the bad news: TLC's "No Scrubs" single drops to #2 on the Hot 100 after a 4-week reign as it is replaced by Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca". The good news: "No Scrubs" retains it's #1 position on the Hot 100 Airplay, R&B Singles Sales, R&B Airplay, and R&B Singles charts. In addition, it is officially a gold single, selling 500,000 copies in only one month. And like cherry topping on an ice cream sundae, "Fanmail" is again the #1 album in the country as its sales rise to almost 2 million copies (1.8 to be exact). Whoot Whoot Whoot wooo!

April 25, 1999

TLC held the #1 spot on the Hot 100 and R&B charts for "No Scrubs" for the 3rd week in a row. Watch Nickelodeon on May 1 as TLC will be performing on the Kids Choice Awards!

April 18, 1999

TLC was on VH1's Behind The Music! It was a great and in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of the best-selling American female group in history. It even has an exclusive interview with Perri "Pebbles" Reid, their former manager. Hear what she has to say, and what the girls have to say by tuning in to VH1 as they will be replaying it for the rest of the month. Don't miss it! (But it's okay, because VH1 will always replay it.)

April 15, 1999

From MTV News

"No Scrubs" held on to the top slot on the Billboard Hot 100, Hot 100 Airplay, R&B, and R&B Airplay charts for a second week in a row (and raised the record amount of radio audience impressions, which they just set a week ago when they beat "My Heart Will Go On"). It is also #2 on the Adult Top 40. Meanwhile, TLC was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno today! The other guests were Sean Connery and Cher. TLC performed "No Scrubs" live and did a great job! They also talked with Jay Leno about Chilli's allergies, T-Boz throwing up on the plane ("but I had to DO Jay"), and Left Eye described that there is also an "executive" version of a scrub and that they come in all forms. They talked to Cher about it, and she said she dated a scrub before too!

You can download an exclusive video clip of the performance by clicking here.

You can view video captures of the event by clicking here. Remember: Absolutely NO USE of my pictures on another webpage without my permission. I will tolerate no bullshit and will take whatever legal action to restore justice on my part, and if that means to have your server officially remove your page, then oh well. Don't be a thief.

And don't forget to watch the VH1 Behind the Music special on TLC this Sunday, April 18!

April 12, 1999

TLC's MTV UltraSound Special was today! MTV will be reairing it, so stay tuned for more details. A lot of the interview came from the same interview as the MTV 1515 special (see below), so you can click here for captures from both specials.

They talked about all the basics, TLC's "humble" beginnings, to their rise to stardom, to their bankruptcy, Chilli's father, Left Eye's arson, T-Boz's sickle-cell anemia, and about the new album. The highlight of the show would probably have to be when they said they loved each other, and are sisters. "The fact that she [Left Eye] came down from Philadelphia, and how they met, and how I met them. That was fate," Chilli said.

Left Eye: "We're closer than we've ever been."

"We're meant for each other," concludes T-Boz.

It makes me all teary-eyed.

April 5, 1999

From MTV News

TLC was on "MTV News 1515" this past Easter weekend! They talked about "Fanmail" being number one for four weeks in a row, the concept of their new video, and more. The emotional highlight of the newscast was when Left Eye showed her love for Chilli and T-Boz, and said "We balance each other out. We're like a perfect triangle." Then all three held each other's hands affectionately. Click here for a summary of the broadcast from MTV News. Or view video captures of the event, or listen to the entire broadcast in AIFF format.

TLC's "No Scrubs" video debuted at #9 on Total Request Live! Be sure to keep on voting for it so we can get it to #1 on the countdown!

April 1, 1999

It is official! For the week of April 10, "No Scrubs" has moved up to be the #1 Hot 100 Single!!! It made an amazing debut at #1 on the Hot 100 Singles Sales and is #1 in Hot 100 Radio Airplay as well; it broke Celine Dion's record for "My Heart Will Go On" and sets a record for the most airplay in one week!. (It's too bad the Hot 100 didn't have its old system, because it'd be the 7th single in history to debut at #1, and TLC would be the 4th artist to accomplish that feat following Michael Jackson, Mariah, and Puffy) Meanwhile, the "FANMAIL" album dropped to #3 on the Top 200 Album Charts, after 4 weeks spent at #1. The good news is that the album is now officially platinum, selling 1.1 million copies only one month after it's release!

Also watch "MTV News 1515" on Saturday, April 3. TLC will be on talking about their new album, new single, new music video, and new phase of their career.

TLC's "No Scrubs" video is still currently being played on BET, MuchMusic, and MTV! Be sure to vote for it so we can get it to #1 on the Total Request Live countdown!

March 30, 1999

TLC's "No Scrubs" video made it's world premiere today on MTV! Be sure to vote for it so we can get it to #1 on the Total Request Live countdown!

You can download an exclusive video clip from the VIDEOS section. Or you can view pictures of "No Scrubs" in the VIDEO CAPTURES Section.

March 25, 1999

"Fanmail" holds on to the #1 Album spot for the 4th week in a row. The album has sold an amazing 941,000 copies so far since its release on Feb. 23!

TLC talks to MTV about "Scrubs" on the set of their "No Scrubs" video. Check out the MTV News Article. TLC will be on "MTV 1515" next weekend, and the video will debut on MTV's Total Request Live on Tuesday, March 30. Keep posted to RICH-G's TLC PAGE for captures and a video clip.

March 23, 1999

The "No Scrubs" single was released today! Go to your nearest music store and buy it! Now!

Meanwhile, "No Scrubs" is STILL the #1 Hot 100 Airplay and R&B Airplay single! It moved up to #6 on the Hot 100 Chart and R&B Chart! Expect it to go even higher from the release of the single!

March 17, 1999

While TLC was busy performing "No Scrubs" for the show "HEY! HEY! HEY!" during their Japan Promotion Tour, overseas in their home country, the FANMAIL album retained it's #1 position for the third week in a row with an additional sale of 202,500 copies. After only three weeks, the album has sold approximately 748,500 copies!

In addition, "No Scrubs" is STILL the #1 Hot 100 Airplay and R&B Airplay single!

For more info, check out the MTV News Article.

March 10, 1999

TLC's FANMAIL album retained it's #1 position for the second week in a row with an additional sale of 226,000 copies! That means "Fanmail" is now officialy certified a GOLD record with a total sale of 544,000 copies, in only two weeks!

In addition, "No Scrubs" is the #1 Hot 100 Airplay single! It is #8 on the Hot 100 Chart and R&B Chart, and is #15 on the Adult Top 40 Chart! And although it's a video from 1995, TLC's "Waterfalls" video is #50 on MTV's Video Chart!

For more info, check out the Yahoo! article or the MTV News Article.

March 6, 1999

TLC's FANMAIL album debuted at #1 today with a first-week sales of 318,000 copies! This is the highest charting album TLC has ever had (CrazySexyCool peaked at #3, and Oooohh...On The TLC Tip peaked at #14). Meanwhile, TLC's lead single from the album, "No Scrubs", moved up to #10 on the Hot 100 Singles Chart, based on Airplay alone!

For more info, check out the MTV News Article or the one from Yahoo!.

February 23, 1999

TLC's FANMAIL album is released today! Go to your nearest store and buy it immediately, because they are selling a limited edition of the album. Only the first 2 million shipped have the special hologram cover that makes it a "limited edition." Anyway, needless to say, RICH-G loves the album! Personal favorites: Unpretty, Dear Lie, Silly Ho, and I Miss You So Much. But I love all of the songs!

TLC will appear on David Lettermen (March 1), Rosie O'Donnell (March 3), MTV's FANatic (March 3), MTV: TLC's Favorite Videos Countdown (March 6), and on MTV's Ultrasound (March 6). Check your local television listings for show times.

For more info, including how to join the official TLC fan mailing list, go to the TLC Fan Mail Official Website.

February 11, 1999

From MTV News -- Babyface Says To Expect Change From TLC On New Record

Aside from producing such films as "Soul Food" and the forthcoming "Light It Up," Babyface has also spent some time working on the long overdue new TLC album, "Fan Mail," which is due in stores on February 23.

Babyface shares production credits with Dallas Austin, his LaFace Records partner L.A. Reid, and TLC themselves. Janet Jackson's producers of choice, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, also got into the act by handling one track, "I'm Good at Being Bad."

In a recent conversation with Babyface, the producer referred to "Fan Mail" as a "hot record," and noted that the new songs marked a distinct change in TLC's sound.

"There are some personal things on the [TLC] record," he said, "there are some things written by the girls themselves, and just the whole feeling of the record. They take some left turns that are not normal TLC stuff. So, it's a very interesting record."

"Fan Mail" is the third album from T-Boz, Chilli and Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez, and the group's first in five years, since "Crazysexycool." This week, the women of TLC are in Los Angeles to shoot the video for the album's first official single, "No Scrubs."

The band has already released another song from the record to radio, entitled "Silly Ho," but that track was only meant as a sneak preview for fans.

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