All I Want For Christmas

(from "A LaFace Family Christmas")

Tis the season to be givin'
And I've got somethin' just for you
Let's take a trip to my cabin
We can celebrate
A funky Christmas made for 2
That's all I want, oh

All I want for Christmas
Is to be loved by someone like you
Outside the snow is falling
My heart is calling
2 spend my Christmas time alone with you

Now throw a log on the fire
And we could trim the tree
How much fun it would be
To take a walk in the snow
As your holding me close
That would be your Christmas gift for me


Maybe it ain't got nuthin' to do
With my 2 front teeth
Not unless, of course your lookin'
For some chewed up beef
See I love ya cos I'm in love
And in' love cos I love ya
These words are sentences are for the heads
Between and above ya
Could you imagine me alone
A dial tone
A two flips cone
The echo of a moan
A single bow
A measley dug it
A pea in the bucket
Flat out, for Christmas all I wanna do is

Maybe if my baby didn't treat me like a lady
I'm the host with the most
Kiss the spot that's mostly shady
Twist the left all around
Flip these lips upside down
Then you'll never have to ask me why I'm crazy
So hear me in or hear me out
Give me deaf or give me doubt
But tell me what it's all about
And If you figure out my flow
Be it fast or be it slow
Me and my baby will be chillin' with the Miseltoe



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