TLC Update

by Anne M. Raso

In 1995, TLC's level of fame has far surpassed what even they envisioned. Any rumors or gossip about certain members' personal business seems to have dissipated, while their level of commercial success has reached its pinnacle--back in April, the group had two singles from their CrazySexyCool LP in the Billboard Top 5 at the same time. (The only other female group to do this in recent history was SWV in Summer 1993, and before that...well, can we talk about the Supremes without a certain Miss Ross' pre-approval?)

Pardon the pun, but with a hit as big as "Waterfalls", TLC proves that they won't be washed up anytime soon! But they are about more than just making catchy danceable tracks. Read on for the further adventures of showbiz superwomen T-Boz, Chilli, and Left-Eye--they love no stones (and we mean DIAMONDS) unturned.
Seriously though--it's probably T-Boz who's the most amazed at the group's success. T's admitted that on more than one occasion she had to stop and think, "Is this really happening?" When she was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People the first week of May, publicists at LaFace (the group's record label), said that she was left speechless. Although always known as the "sexy one" of the group, T-Boz has never considered herself to be an extraordinary beauty--just a pleasant-looking "around the way" girl. As a matter of fact, the 5'1", 105-lb, beauty claims that when she was growing up in Des Moines, she resembled Spanky of the Our Gang comedy series.

What's on the horizon for these three petite-in-size but giant-in attitude ladies? Well, right now they're opening for a Boyz II Men on a tour that never seems to end--and then they will be taking time off now and again to shoot videos for upcoming singles. The most recent clip, shot for their latest hit, "Waterfalls," was shot on a L.A. soundstage after much debate over whether it should be shot on the Right or Left Coast. (Guess which one Left-Eye, a lover of sunny weather, wanted? The other two wanted to go to New York to shop. Oh well--at least one girl got their way!) Immediately after shooting the video, the girls hopped on the road with the Boyz for a few days, then got to New York and found themselves doing interviews and phot shoots (one of which was for both WORD UP! and Hype Hair).

Their own sitcom is also on the horizon, although when we contaced their manager's office in the Philadelphia area, we were told by one rep, "We can't talk about that right now. You know how quickly deals fall apart in this business. We're keeping our fingers crossed." The hearsay that's been coming the way of our editorial offices is that TLC will play roomamates in a funky neighborhood (not unlike Living Single, eh?) except that they hold straight jobs tthat prove to be quite challenging. We also hear that they'll be the obligatory nosy neighbors and have gentlemen callers that they want to have absolutely nothing to do with!

If TLC did their TV pilot, and the show got picked up, how would they cope with the hassles of being R&B stars and TV stars simultaneously. Well, when you're build of iron like Chilli, T-Boz, and Left-Eye, you just do a juggling act. You tape a few shows, go out on the road, come back, tape a few more shows, do an LP for a couple of months and then hope you're picked up for the next season.

We at WORD UP! have a special place in our hearts for the TLC ladies. Why? Because we remember "back in the day"--it was actually February, 1992--when this trio of outrageously dressed teeny-tiny girls (one with a condom stuck on the left eye of her wire-rimmed specs) stumbled in the MCA Records Post-Grammy bash at New York's posh Four Seasons like they owned the place. Everyone turned around, and one particularly startled guest said, "In this business you never know what you're gonna see next...and I've seen it all." Then-manager Pebbles just smiled. She knew at that point there was no turning back for her group.

And now they're "back to the attack," working their CrazySexyCool album like it was their last chance to make a good impression. No doubt about it--they're good for a couple more hits this year and a live show that really doesn't need any seats (because you can't sit down out of sheer excitement).

From Word Up! Magazine

August 1995 (?)