(Sound Recording Reviews)

by David Browne

TLC: While Prince tries to recapture his old magic, this trio has crafted a gem that glitters like a great lost track from Formerly Known As' soul-grinding Sign `O' the Times days. The song's bubbly slink is surely what kept it in the No. 1 slot (airplay and sales combined) for over a month. Yet beneath the music lurks a plea - "Stop moving too fast" - that's a warning to those in danger of contracting AIDS. A summer tune with a message - what is this, the '60s? A In contrast, the No. 1 summer single in airplay alone is the Rembrandts' Friends jingle, "I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU." As a 42-second TV theme song, this confection does the job. As a full, extended song, though, its plastic perkiness grows as irksome as mosquito buzz. B+

From Entertainment Weekly

Aug. 18, 1995